by Noah Cicero

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On a dirt road next to the train tracks a few trailers sit.

The sun shines on the trailers.

It is hot in the trailers.

Layla sits in her trailer on the couch. She is wearing booty shorts and a tank top.

She is watching Judge Joe Brown.

She is drinking from a bottle of jack.

There is singing coming from her kid’s bedroom.

She gets up and runs in there.

Her ten-year-old boy is standing there looking guilty.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I fucking told you not to play the radio so loud. But you fucking are, playing it loud and even fucking singing. I’m trying to watch Judge Joe Brown!”

“I’m sorry mommy. I’m sorry,” says the boy crying.

Layla smacks the boy across the face. He flies into the corner of the room.

“That’s right mother fucker. Look at you now!”

Layla walks back into the living room.

She sits down. Takes a swig from the bottle and continues watching Judge Joe Brown.

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