by Noah Cicero

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Esmeralda and Layla are in the dressing room at the strip club where they work.

They are taking off their clothes and putting on their outfits.

“I wonder where everybody is?” Said Layla.

“Who cares? More money for me, “says Esmeralda.

“Did you hear that Ambrosia stabbed her boyfriend?”


“Yeah. I guess her dude wouldn’t fuck her. And she was on a lot of powder. And she really wanted it. And he was sleeping. And he had to go to work in the morning. So she got a knife and cut him a few times. I guess her kids woke her up naked on the couch.”

“That’s really funny,” says Esmeralda laughing.

“Did you hear about Candy? She got so drunk she went into a coma and had to be brought to the hospital.”

“That makes sense.”

“Yeah, and you remember Maria.”

“That Italian bitch.”

“Yeah, I saw one of her friends the other day. She said Maria sniffed a bunch of coke, went into a coma. Then her baby almost starved to death. They took the baby and put her in jail for a week.”

“She’s a cunt. I hope she dies a horrible death.”

“Did you hear about Lulu? She took a bunch of shrooms while working and while she was on the pole she thought space aliens were attacking her. They took her to the mental ward. She’s been there for several weeks now.”

“Life is beautiful.”

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