< by ellen kennedy and tao lin >

dear hedgehog squidian

i accidentally evolved the ability to teleport. i'm typing this on your computer in your room. you must be at the library still. i hope you don't think that i teleported to your room because i was lonely. i don't know why i teleported here. i haven't evolved the ability to understand my own actions yet.

i'm going to teleport to easter island now.

i'm at easter island now. i have wireless internet so i can blog while walking around. i'm walking on easter island. i see a giant lizard. i'm walking toward the giant lizard. the giant lizard just swallowed me. i'm inside the giant lizard now. i'm depressed. why is life so boring? i must have evolved the ability to feel depressed again. i thought i already evolved past that. i guess not. i don't know what to do. i think i'll just stay inside the giant lizard for a while to try to evolve the ability to know what to do next with my life.


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