this emotion was a little e-book
by Tao Lin


i’m going to touch you very hard

i'm tired of not being
an out-of-control asshole
i could destroy a $200,000 house
with an aluminum chair
and it would be the greatest week of my life
the only reason i exist
is because it feels like someone is licking my heart
after an insane killing-rampage people are less lonely
loneliness can fly a helicopter through a cut-out shape
of a helicopter the same size as the helicopter
and that’s its only skill
and it isn’t good enough
but it’s still amazing
whoever owns an amazing $200,000 house
is an out-of-control asshole
the only reason i exist
is because my heart wanted to stab things
but didn't have arms
in an insane killing-rampage
i believe the lonely would survive
by digging holes
lonely people are clever
i am afraid of helicopters
that they were invented
by some out-of-control lonely person
the only reason i am not an out-of-control asshole
is because it feels like an amazing person is licking my heart
i'm going to prove the existence of amazingly lonely hamsters
that throughout history have gone on insane killing-rampages
and killed entire neighborhoods and cities
before the government came in to seal things off
like in that movie

i am going to pay someone a lot of money
to turn around and go home