< II >

Nosferatu enters an all night diner.

He looks around and scans the room.

There is a young couple fighting in the corner about his drinking habits.

There are young black men at a table talking about getting girls at church.

There are old Arab men talking in their native language about their back problems.

There are drunk girls showing each other pictures on their cell phones.

Nosferatu finds Ako.

Ako is dressed in a sweater and blue jeans.

Ako waves him over.

Every night Ako sits in the diner drinking coffee staring out the window, some nights he reads a book, most nights he stares and makes sexual innuendos with the young waitresses.

Nosferatu sits down across from Ako.

They never look at each other.

The first twenty minutes pass in silence.

Ako says, “The coffee tastes good tonight.”

“Tina always throws out the old shit.”

“I was thinking about buying a bicycle from Wal-Mart then riding into a wall as fast as I can. Just to see if I can bend the wheel.”

“One time, back in Rome I walked into a bath house and sucked off twenty men just because I was bored.”

“That is funny. I remember when you did that.”