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His feet keep walking.

A lonely night.

In a city that does not require a name.

The city has a McDonalds, Wal-Mart, several municipal parks, sewage, city-water, garbage men, coffee shops, several colleges, coffee shops, and even some poets. The city has obese women who sweat when it is hot outside, it has men who think their haircut is more important than commerce, and it has cats who shit in litter boxes and never know the touch of grass on their paws.

This is where Nosferatu walks.

Nosferatu wears a nice black suit and a bowler hat.

Nosferatu stops his feet.

Stands still.

Looks up at the moon.

The light shines down.

He concentrates on the beams.

He reaches up and grabs a beam.

The beam stays in his hand.

He brings it to his face and opens his hand.

The beam stays there swirling in a circle.

He then eats then moon beam and smiles.


A man passes and stares.

Nosferatu looks at him and says, “Have you ever tasted a moon beam?”

The man says, “No, is it anything like tasting pussy?”

“Yes, very much, but without all the talking.”

The man laughs and walks away.

Nosferatu looks down at his feet.

And says, “You must walk now. Do you remember how to walk. We have walked like ducks, like athletes, like gods, how will we walk tonight?”

Nosferatu bends over and touches his feet and says, “You must walk tonight. We cannot stand here all night. We have to go somewhere and sit and listen to the air-conditioning and indoor appliances or the sunlight will kill you and me. Are you listening feet, we must walk. One foot in front of the other.”

Nosferatu punches his feet and they begin walking.