< IV >

Nosferatu and Ako sit in silence.

Several hours have passed.

A middle-aged black woman walks up to the claw-machine.

Ako says, “She is a serious claw-machine player.”

Nosferatu says, “She looks serious.”

The woman moves the claw over.

She is sweating with nervousness.

She drops the claw.

She gets nothing.

Ako says, “Damn.”

She puts more money in.

She is determined.

She tries for a blue fuzzy bear.

It hits the bear's head, knocks it over to the hole. But it does not fall.

Nosferatu says, “She has it next time.”

She puts more money in.

Everyone is watching.

The Arabs are even watching.

She decides to bring the claw down and smack the bear into the hole.

She positions.

The claw comes down and hits the bear.

It falls into the hole.

The bear is set free.

The middle-aged woman smiles.

The Arabs look happy.