there is blood on my flowers

today i walked across the bridge. a line of small children followed me as i walked. they threw quarters and nickels at me. the quarters stuck into my skin and left dents. the nickels bounced off. i bled a little. i licked the blood.

i grabbed one of the children and threw it on the ground. i stomped on its legs with my boots. blue blood leaked out of it. i grabbed another and stomped on its face. green blood leaked out of it. they had a baby with them. i bit off the baby's fingers and stuck them in my hair. it bled yellow blood. i took my boots and socks off. i walked in the blue and green and yellow blood. i painted 'starry night' on the concrete with my toes.

i walked back home and layed in the grass. sean licked my feet and giggled. i stuck flowers and grass in the dents of my skin and fell asleep.

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