i might work in a laundromat!

the one here is looking for someone to work late nights or early mornings during the summer!

i might work in a 24 hour laundromat!

i'm going to clean things and people will give me tips to fold and wash their laundry!

when no one is looking im going to bury my face in the clean laundry and smell it!

i won't have any co-workers!

i will sit in the laundromat at 2 in the morning alone and smell things and listen to dryers!

i will listen to dryers!

from now on all of my paintings are going to be of laundromats and things inside of laundromats!

people will give me money to listen to dryers!

i will warm my hands in clean laundry that i will take out of the dryers when they are finished drying!

im buying a new bike!

with tires that aren't rotting!

i won't have to buy a car!

i ate sticky rice and bought you chocolate with no dairy in the chocolate!

i can ride my bike to the laundromat!

i can tie a box to the back of my new bike and put my cat in it!

i might work in a laundromat!

i will probably never work in a laundromat

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