< by ellen kennedy and tao lin >

dear tao

a choking victim hamster lives in east asia. it spends 90% of its life in the trees, as it only touches the forest ground at birth. female choking victim hamsters dig holes in the ground and give birth to the new hamster in the hole. then they bury the hamster. once the hamster is fully developed it emerges from the ground by headbutting the dirt very hard and fast. once it has emerged it makes a high pitched screaming noise that attracts the mother choking victim hamster to return to it and feed it. in almost every situation, the mother forgets where she buried her baby and will return to the wrong hole. when the baby refuses to feed from the wrong mother, the mother feels threatened by the high pitched screaming noise and begins to choke the baby. Only 2% of choking victim hamster live to adulthood, making them the rarest species in all of east asia.


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