< by ellen kennedy and tao lin >

dear tao

john updike and salman rushdie visited me last night in a UFO also. they came into my apartment and followed me around but really we were just walking in a very small circle because my room is only five feet by five feet and i tripped over my hotplate and burnt my foot and then john updike tried to rape him after i fell so i punched him in the face but he didn't move nor did he change his facial expression so then i took the hotplate and threw it at his face and finally he left. salman rushdie just stood in the corner and masturbated while watching us fight. now i have an infected pustulant wound on my foot that i won't ever get treated because i’m too afraid to go to the hospital so probably in a few days i'll try to walk to the convenience store to buy a folding pocket saw that i saw there last week to cut it off with and some band-aids.


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