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dear tao

i don't think i've ever paid attention to 'intelligent design'. i've basically spent my entire life just reading my textbooks or richard yates' novels. in high school i spent 6 hours everyday doing every physics problem in my textbook. then i was able to stop doing as much because i already did everything. my physics teacher liked to windsurf. all of my other teachers were either football coaches, wrestling coaches, or baseball coaches. my gym teach also taught my music theory class. he didn't have a degree they just gave him a textbook and told him to read it. he said i was a 'pussy' in front of the class because i didn't change for gym class or participate.

richard yates said the main character in easter parade was really him but he didn't want to seem like a 'pussy' maybe so he changed it to a woman. richard yates has a tall heavy body.

i hate people who spell 'woman', as 'womyn'. i think moby did that once in some essays he wrote on a cd booklets. i felt stupid when i read it. moby's real name is richard melville hall. richard yates' real name is richard yates.


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