Eat When You Feel Sad

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Robert and Kelly are sitting on a bench. Robert is hesitating. It is warm. Robert feels comfortable. He looks at Kelly and wants to kiss her. He thinks, “She is pretty great.” Robert feels sad. Robert wants to implode. He looks at Kelly. Kelly looks happy. Robert says “I don’t think we can really. Um. I don’t. There isn’t any chance that we can ever be boyfriend and girlfriend so I don’t think we should really pursue this any further.” Kelly is speechless, so Robert continues. “I really like you and think you’re great though and I really actually did have a wonderful time tonight.”

Kelly says, “Wow.” Robert wants to implode. Kelly says “Wow, I just really. Well you have to tell me why, because, wow I really thought, I just, well what you said, I thought we were really pretty great together.”

Robert says “Yeah. It’s just.” Robert thinks “I don’t like her clothes and I don’t think she’s – I don’t want to introduce her to my friends, the ones that I don’t have yet but will be more like me, vain and judgmental and stuff.” Robert types the word ugh on an imaginary keyboard. Robert wants to punch Kelly in the head. Robert says “Well.” Robert thinks “I can’t be this mean all the time.” Robert thinks “I’m pathetic.” Robert wants to run into traffic.