Eat When You Feel Sad

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Robert is walking to a concert and comes to a deli. Robert goes in the deli and looks at the cigarette selection. He considers American Spirits and Dunhills. He buys Dunhills. Robert walks to the concert and watches Luke Temple. Afterwards, he talks to Luke Temple’s guitar player and they both smoke a cigarette. Chris Garneau plays and Robert feels happy. He tries to take pictures but is too nervous to use the flash and they don’t come out good when he doesn’t use the flash. He feels awkward sometimes but is mostly happy because of how much he likes Chris Garneau’s songs. On the walk home he thinks of smoking another cigarette or all of them but thinks of what could happen if he smoked more than once in a while and doesn’t smoke anymore tonight. He feels a little sad that he has to make deals with himself but also sort of happy because he’s mature. At home he drinks water and goes to sleep.