Eat When You Feel Sad

20/23 - Next

Robert unlocks his door and goes inside. He lies on his couch with his eyes closed for forty-five minutes. He thinks “Which should I do first: put water on to boil or check my email?” He goes upstairs and puts on the album You Forgot It In People by Broken Social Scene. He lies on his bed and looks at the sky and the tops of houses across the street. He feels sad. He thinks “Because I am listening to Broken Social Scene I feel better than I would otherwise.” He calls Sara and leaves a message. He goes downstairs and gets a glass of water. He sits on the couch and pets one of the cats. He wants to watch a movie. He goes outside and sits on the stoop and wishes he had cigarettes. He remembers smoking cigarettes. He thinks “I’m not sure whether or not I wish I had beer.” He thinks “I should only do positive things.” He goes into his house and gets his keys and his money and walks to a supermarket. He takes a roll from the bakery and eats it while looking at products. He likes the way peppermint candy, religious candles and tomato paste are packaged. He thinks “I would like to eat Moroccan olives and I am sure I won’t find any here.” He walks towards the exit. He sees organic fruit rolls. He picks up an organic fruit roll and takes it to the automated check out line. He checks himself out. He thinks “I wish I could talk to someone.” As he leaves, the girl whose job it is to stand near the automated check out line says “Have a good night.” Robert says “You too.” Outside Robert thinks “I feel really sad. I wish I could talk to someone.” Robert walks home. He isn’t sure whether or not he would let someone sell him marijuana if someone offered to sell him marijuana. When he gets home he puts the organic fruit roll in the refrigerator and pours himself a glass of rice drink. He goes upstairs and brushes his teeth and washes his face and applies exfoliant. He goes to his room and puts on Broken Social Scene and lies on his bed looking at shades of grey through his window. He thinks “There might be someone within one mile or an equally iconic distance from here who is feeling right now exactly what I am feeling right now.” He thinks “That person is I’m not sure. I was going to say ‘Maybe that person is also someone who I would find sexually attractive’ but now I’m not sure if that matters. I’m not sure why I’m second-guessing myself.” Robert drinks the glass of rice drink and decides to go to sleep.