Eat When You Feel Sad

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Robert, Jim and Tom smoke marijuana. Robert and Tom leave and are riding bikes. They ride through an area that reminds Robert of an area near where he grew up. He feels a longing for a carefree time. He thinks Tom understands. Robert and Tom are high from marijuana. They ride through an area of nice houses. Robert thinks “How much are these houses?” Robert says “We should just move into one of these houses dude.”

Tom says “Yeah” sarcastically.

Robert says “How much do you think they are dude?”

Tom says “I bet nothing around here ever goes on the market because like the same Italian families have owned them for the past hundred years.”

Robert says “It would be totally sweet to live in one of these houses though. A yard and shit. No trash on the ground.” Robert and Tom ride on the left as an old Chevy Caprice drives by playing the song Put Some Keys On That by Lil’ Wayne.

Robert feels happy and says “Yo that’s my joint yo.”

Tom says “Yeah okay.” Tom says “Moving out here wouldn’t change anything. You wouldn’t be doing anything different you’d just live in a nicer area.”

Robert says “No yeah I know. This town stinks.”