this emotion was a little e-book
by Tao Lin


i am fucked if i really think all human beings are terrible assholes

i want to see a bear running from a hamster
the bear is screaming and goes head-first into a chute

i’m tired of poetry

i'm going to use picasso's head
to cartwheel across two taxicabs

if you want you can move the letters in the word ‘profound’
you can have ‘roof dpfu’

no one ever has wanted that
until now

just kidding!

i’m just being dramatic!

the bear is holding a tennis racket in each paw!

i jumped off a roof once!

i worked on this poem for six hours

‘i’m tired of poetry,’ i said
and turned off the light
and turned on the light
and repeated that, bored, for like ten seconds,
while everyone else at my job was actually doing work for once

‘go home,’ i said

‘he’s tired of poetry,’ someone said noncommittally

in the bar i did a cartwheel over the table

i was standing on the ground and i did a cartwheel onto the table
and over the table

‘fucking awesome,’ someone said

‘we all know that art is not truth,’ said picasso


picasso < ska