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Several days later.

Alexis and Nosferatu sit on logs next to a campfire.

A car pulls up in the middle of the night.

Nosferatu says to Alexis, “It's Leo. He has come to annoy me.”

“Should I be armed?”


Leo walks up to the fire.

Looks at both of them.

The fire lights up their faces.

Leo says, “May I sit.”

Nosferatu points at a log.

Leo sits down and says, “You can't hide from this Nosferatu.”

“You like this don't you?”

“Like what?”

“Giving me shit.”

“It doesn't matter if I like it or not. I know what must be done. Someone must be the vampire king. And you are not taking the job. But you, and you only have the power to give it to someone else.”

“You have not mentioned how pretty it is out here.”

“This is business.”

“Do you ever feel a sensation of holiness from the wind, from nature Leo?”

“There is no God, why would I feel holy?”

“Politicians never do.”

“Politicians never what?”

“Have sensations.”

“I have sensations.”

“Alexis has sensations,” Nosferatu says.

Leo looks at Alexis and she goes, “Grrr.” Leo looks away scared.

Leo says, “I'm not here to talk about nature.”

“No, you're here to talk about me. Which is a boring conversation.”

“Why are you so difficult?”

“Why are you so easy?”

Leo sighs and says, “Are you going to force me to have you killed?”

“I'm not forcing anything. You are.”

“You think this is a joke. There are thousands of years of history and tradition behind this. Thousands of years and you are laughing at it. You are disgusting.”

“Wait, and there might be a punch line.”

Leo stands up and says, “The punch line might be your death,” and walks away.

Leo walks back his car and leaves.

Nosferatu says to Alexis, “He's lame.”

Alexis giggles.