nervous assface

brandon scott gorrell

Lydia Davis is at a meeting with Jean-Paul Sartre. They are alone in a large room with chairs and a computer. There is a marble conference table. Lydia Davis is mentally projecting renting a crane and using it to pick up the marble conference table and drop it on top of her face and her face smashed and pieces of her brain everywhere with little skull pieces. Lydia Davis is thinking "Something has to happen" and "Little skull pieces" at the same time. A scream is gingerly inspecting the insides of her throat. She moves her wrist toward her mouth and bites it. Jean-Paul Sartre has his hands and arms in the air above and in front of his head. He is saying a lot of things. His fingers are spread apart. Lydia Davis feels unable to focus. Lydia Davis wants to take caffeine pills. Jean-Paul Sartre continues saying things and moving his hands and arms around and writing things with a marker on a white board and Lydia Davis nods a lot and answers affirmatively a number of times. Then Lydia Davis sees Bret Easton Ellis outside the window with a severe facial expression and his forehead pressed into the glass, mouthing the words "You. . . suck. . . dick. . ." slowly and over and over again.