nervous assface

brandon scott gorrell

Bret Easton Ellis is on Lydia Davis' chair, typing on her laptop. Lydia Davis is staring at him. She is covered in blankets on her bed. Her bed is in the corner. "Am I dreaming," Lydia Davis says. "Wait," she says. She moves her hand in front of her face. "What is this?" she says. "It’s okay," Bret Easton Ellis says. "Oh, okay," Lydia Davis says. "Richard Yates has a new girlfriend now," Bret Easton Ellis says, smiling. "Her name is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She takes close-up photographs of a tear coming out of Richard Yates' eye and then uses Photoshop to make the photographs high contrast so that his skin looks like a zombie. The zombie face symbolizes meaningless existence, or being undead, and the tear symbolizes the human element of meaningless existence, or the feeling of hope in the face of nothingness." "Oh, okay," Lydia Davis says. "Sometimes," Bret Easton Ellis says, "Julia Louis-Dreyfus smears paint all over Richard Yates' naked body, tells him to look at the camera with a worried facial expression, and then photographs him. They are beautiful photographs. Julia Louis-Dreyfus also wrote a novel. I read the manuscript last week. It is forthcoming at Melville House." Lydia Davis pulls her blankets over her mouth. "It probably has her sucking a penis in it," Lydia Davis says. Bret Easton Ellis looks afraid. "Look who has the power now," Lydia Davis whispers, shaking a little.