nervous assface

brandon scott gorrell

Lydia Davis has gotten a job at a Dutch marketing agency in Amsterdam, writing advertisement copy for their clients in the United Kingdom. As she walks to work, she notices that she has forgotten her wallet. Lydia Davis feels unable to control her facial muscles. Her facial expression becomes complex. She bites her hand. Lydia Davis turns around to walk back toward her flat.

Inside her flat, Lydia Davis can hear her flatmate in the bathroom. Lydia Davis starts running. She gets into her room and can feel a white sphere of energy inside her stomach. It is a scream. She picks up her wallet. She runs out of her room and runs away from the bathroom and down the stairs and into the street. A group of bikers speed by and the white sphere of energy comes from her face loudly. Her body falls over. It lays there. Lydia Davis thinks about Richard Yates' sex sounds. She stands up and walks to a bench overlooking a canal and some water is coming from her eyes. She can not control her emotional balance. Lydia Davis is slapping her face a little. "I'm unable," she thinks. Lydia Davis is pressing her palm into her eye.