i want to sleep

my rubber boots enable me to do great things.

last week, i walked through a creek with my rubber boots. three ducks were swimming in the creek. one was brown, one was gray, and the other was brown and gray with a green head. they swam against the current in the middle of the creek. they didn't move forward or backward.

i decided to catch the brown duck.

i grabbed the brown duck. it didn't try to swim or fly away. i tied a string around its neck. as i walked, it flew above me like a balloon.

i used schutzhund methods of training to teach the duck to attack on command. we went on a killing rampage that lasted three days. we killed many small children and received the nobel prize for our achievements.

the other day, as i was eating the leg of a small child like a popsicle, the duck turned to me with tears in its eyes and asked, 'why do you make me kill things?'

i felt ashamed. i stared down at the ground and stood very still and very quietly.

the duck flew forward violently until the string choked it and broke its neck. it fell to the ground. its belly split open and pink and orange flowers spilled out. there wasn't any blood. i picked up some of the flowers and put them in my hair. i cried above the duck. my tears rolled over its feathers and sparkled in the sunlight.

it was beautiful.

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