choke me

please be my friend

please put me in a shopping cart and tie my wrists and ankles to the inside of the shopping cart

please push me into the river and take a picture of the bubbles floating out of my nose

please hang the picture up on your refridgerator and cry every time you close the door and see the bubbles

my last bubbles

please feed me lifesavers through a funnel

please put 67 tubes of lifesavers into the funnel

please keep pushing the lifesavers through until i choke

will you attend the autopsy and watch while they cut open my stomach and throat?

please cry when you see the lifesavers spill out

will you eat the green ones?

please put me in a large heavy-duty garbage bag

please take a shop-vac and put the tube in the garbage bag and turn it on

watch the bag curve around my hands and mouth

please listen to me suffocate and record it

will you listen to the recording at night when you're alone and crying in bed?

thank you

you are my friend

i love you

< yesterday i was talking to myself... by ellen kennedy